The followings are the subjects which students will learn in the program.
We are flexible and attentive to student's interest and needs. Please
contact the Instructor if you have a more specialized interest, we will do
our best to accommodate your interest.     

You Will Learn…

Level 1 Basic

How to hypnotize  
An overview of the profession of hypnosis  
Fundamental principles of success
The role of the hypnotherapist
How to properly explain hypnosis to clients   
How to establish rapport
Factors that influence suggestibility to hypnosis
Laws of suggestion
Suggestibility tests
Pre induction talk
Practical hints for hypnotic induction
Awakening technique.
Testing depth of hypnotic trance
Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques
Rapid induction techniques
Post hypnotic suggestions
Deepening technique
Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation
Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Marketing Hypnotherapy
How to set up your practice and build your clientele
Performance Hypnosis application.
Accelerated Learning
Stage Fright
Sports and competition
Precaution and Professional Ethics
And much, much more!

Strong emphasis will be focused on the experience of Hypnotizing, and going into trance

Level 2 Topics

"What is hypnosis?"
First session with client
Behavioral Assessment
Psychology and Hypnosis
Session with Client
Self Hypnosis course
Successful Practice
Age Regression
Phobia Management (Systemic Desensitization Technique)
The GIFT Technique.
Hyperremperia Technique
Ego Strengthening Technique
Barber Mystical Induction
Image psychology

Extra Techniques. (not covered in N.G.H. Core Curriculum)
Rapid Inductions.
Non Verbal Inductions.
Introduction to NLP.  
Introduction of Stage Hypnosis
Public Speaking and presentation techniques
Past life Regressions
Non Verbal Techniques.
Expanded Marketing and hypnotherapy business management seminar.

Here is a Breakdown for the Certification Class.
Day 1-3 are level 1  Basic, Day 4-7 are Level 2 Advanced. Exam will be
at the night of Day 6.
Topics are flexible to student's interest and class dynamics

Day 1
Introduction to Hypnosis, Brief History
Progressive Relaxation Technique
Suggestion Test
How to Hypnotize; Dr. Flower
Introduction to trance Depth
Self Hypnosis, Step one

Day 2
More Inductions with Dr. Flowers
Deepening Techniques
Harry Aaron's Scale
Mechanical Aids
Suggestion Management
Accreted Learning Suggestion

Day 3
More Suggestion Management exercise
Hypnosis Application
-Quit Smoking
-Loose Weight
-Stress Relief
Harte System
Recognition and classification of Subjects
Ethics and Legal Issues
Marketing Session one

Day 4
Rapid Induction 1
Introduction on of NLP and Principles of Rapport
Client management/first session
Image Training
Fear Control technique
Barber mystical Script

Day 5
Non Verbal Induction
Suggestion Management BASIC
GOAL Setting
Goal Image Focusing Technique (GIFT)

Day 6
Rapid Induction 2
Age Regression
Introduction to Past Life Regression
Hypnotism, Advanced theory and discussion.
Automatic Writing
Exam and Post Graduate Assignment

Day 7
How to Teach a self Hypnosis Class
Self Discovery Session
More Marketing
Graduation and Party!
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"