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Meet the Instructor;

“Close your eyes and you will see everything.”
Bernard Yam,

Bernard had been interested with hypnotism since his early childhood. Armed with a sense of innocent
curiosity and unlimited imagination, he began to explore the true capability of the human mind.  What is the true
potential of the human mind? What is in the unconscious? How does my experience of awareness relate to the
world? These are the type of questions Bernard found himself pondering nights after nights as a child. After
much research, thinking and planning, he worked up the courage to experiment hypnosis with a friend at the
age of 12. That session was extremely successful; Bernard became completely infatuated with hypnotism and
psychology, as he realizes hypnosis is the best tool to connect the conscious and the unconscious mind.  His
passion for the hypnotic art and science had enable him to carry thousands hypnosis cases throughout his
teenage years.  Geared with an extremely open mind, he had developed many unorthodox techniques and
theories. Aside from the traditional clinical hypnotherapy applications, his ground breaking research in
parapsychology, time-space fluctuations in deep unconscious, and non-cognitive intelligence had earned him
the reputation of being a forward thinker in the hypnotism field.

Bernard’s passion for hypnotism, however, came with a heavy price.  Coming from a conservative and
religious family, he found his liberal ideas in conflict with the traditional values. He fondly remember one night,
where his mother go into his bedroom and throw all his hypnotism related books into the garbage. Although
his La Salle and Jesuit education provided him a firm theology background, he found himself suffocating
intellectually under the strict dictation of absolute truth from his teachers. This deep conflict of intellectual
identity had drove Bernard repeatedly into depression. Much of his proudest ideas have fallen onto deaf ears
or heavily ridiculed.  He had no choice but to hide his passion for hypnotism, while living in fear that someday
his secret will be exposed. His hypnosis projects were operated in the outmost covert matter, while he
wandered through those years without ever finding acceptance for his true self in any friendship or
relationship.  Many nights he had considered giving up, but determination will eventually prove omnipotent.

Before founding the Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis, Bernard served in the Canadian Armed Forces as
an distinguished officer. Popular among his troops and his fellow officers, he is well respected for his ethics
and professionalism. He learned valuable leadership and management skills from the military.  He was also
appointed to the vice president of sales in a Canadian direct sales firm during his undergraduate years at the
University of Toronto, where he specialized in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy.

In his dream on a cold winter night, Bernard was visited by a lady angel with long red hair and green eyes. She
lead him to a cross road on a mountain, shown him a new world where his hypnosis theories helps millions of
people living a better life. A new world where people live with their full unconscious potential actualized,
transcending a world of peace, wisdom, and freedom. She encourages Bernard to move towards this vision,
but he is still fearful. She gently kisses his forehead, and slowly walks away from him, leaving him with the
decision of whether or not to follow his vision. Before she disappeared from the dream, she told Bernard her
name is Cara. The next morning, Bernard did the registration work and founded the “Cara Institute of
Advanced Hypnosis”. He later learnt “Cara” actually means “Clear”.

Bernard is currently a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor at the Advanced Level, Master
Practitioner for Nero Linguistic Programming, and a NLP trainer. He was appointed as an instructor for the
National Guild of Hypnotist at the age of 23, the youngest person ever to ever be appointed as an instructor in
the history of the National Guild of Hypnotist. He studied hypnotherapy under the guidance of Dr. Richard
Harte, one of the most renowned hypnotist in the world.

Bernard is known as a dynamic speaker and a very patient teacher. He seeks to inspire his students, and
constantly motivating them to learn more. He possess a great passion for life, being a die hard optimist. He
enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experiences with his students and his peers, and his energy
simply lift the spirit of the room. His background in debating and public speaking allows him to communicate
complicated ideas with crystal clarity. Bernard truly respects his students, and allow students to freely express
their ideas. His greatest joy of teaching, however, is to see his students gaining a new level of self awareness.

Bernard went on to become the youngest Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotist in 2006. From 2006 until
now, Bernard host the prime time television show, "Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition", on Channel 9. It is the
longest running hypnosis tv show in history. It is estimated that this program has boardcasted more real
hypnosis footages than the combine total of the American Psychological Association.

Bernie, as his friends like to call him, enjoys a good cup of coffee at his spare time. He loves computer games,
hanging out with his buddies, and all types of sports. Favorite authors includes Hesse, Jung, Nietzche,
Hemmingway; and always up for the challenge of a chess game. He is currently single and recently relocated
to Cambridge, MA. He is pursuing his education goals at Harvard University.
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"
Bernard Yam. B.C.H., C.I., F.NGH, NLP.MT
Bernard lecturing on hypnosis at
Harvard University.
Bernard, faculty member of the NGH,
lecturing at the Annual National Guild of
Hypnotist convention . It is the largest
and most prestigous hypnotism
convention in the world
Producer and Host of the longest
running hypnotherapy TV show;
"Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition" on
Channel 9.