Private Services

We are located in Copley Square, in the heart of downtown Boston.

Our services are  

Completely  Confidential

Result Oriented  

Non Rush  

Attention to our client's needs  

Caring, considerate, and open minded  


Fully Certified  

Drug Free  

Gay and Lesbian Friendly  

Women issues minded

Services Available

Habit Change

Addiction Control  

Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Stop Obsessive behavior

Cure Phobia

Weight Lost

Total relaxation / Complete Mental Stress Relief

Burn Out recovery

Confidence - Self Esteem

Insomnia - Better sleep pattern

Maximizing Human Potentials

Advanced study habits

Sales performance

Trader's performance

Athletic enhancement

Razor Sharp Focus

Energize and motivated all day and night.

Supercharge Creativity

Complimentary Medical Hypnosis
*We do not diagnose nor claim to cure any medical condition, please consult
your physician for advice specific to your situation.

Chronic Pain

Self esteem concerning medical condition



Pre and post operation

Parapsychology and Spiritual Counseling

Past Life Regression and therapy

Tapping into your psychic intuition

Keep you in touch with your inner spirit

Our services are not limited to the above categories. Please contact us if
you require a service not listed. All inquiries are confidential, and will be
treated with utmost respect. We are a group of extremely friendly and
open-minded professionals.

We strongly value our client's input, and always customize our sessions to
meet our client's need.

**Medical related sessions may require your family doctor's written


How many sessions do you recommend?

It depends on the individual's situation. Most people see a major difference after
a 4 session package. Some people prefer a long term and continuous type of
coaching therapeutic arrangement. We are happy to accommodate that as well.

Where is your Clinic?

We are located in Copley Square, Boston. We will provide you with the specific
address once your appointment is confirmed.

How much is a session?

We charge $185 per hour session. The first session is 2 hours long, it will be
billed for $200. Any packages that's four session or more are billed at a rate of
$150/hr session.

What is your guarantee policy?

If by the end of the first hour of the first session, you do not feel we can work
with you, you are welcome to a full refund.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance.
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