Bernard Yam

Cara Institute Presents
The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Seminar.

Hypnosis is  one of the most effective ways to find and release conflicts, depression,
blocks and illness. If you want to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Improve Your
Memory, be more creative, staying more focused, have more energy, be confident
or just find out how to stop the stress, then you may want to consider Hypnosis

Hypnosis works by focusing your unconscious mental ability previously unknown
to you, and bring these special ability to your awareness. It is truly amazing what
the human mind can do, we have seen people turn their life around at an instant,
quit life long smoking and alcohol habits, lose seemingly impossible amount of
weight, became stress free and relaxed, changed into a totally confident person
overnight, became more creative, more in control, more intelligent, all with the
use of self hypnosis. Do you know what was truly amazing about all these
transformations? It was all done naturally with the power of their own mind.

All Hypnosis are self hypnosis. The hypnotist serves their client as a guide to
access their unconscious mind. Hypnosis is a naturally occurred biological process,
Example of everyday states of trance includes daydreaming, solving puzzles,
reading a novel, watching intense movies and so forth. Self Hypnosis is extremely
powerful, it is the core ingredient to any hypnotherapy process.    

Infact, if you are to ask any certified Hypnotherapist, they will tell you 85% of all
the therapeutic process occurs when their clients are doing self hypnosis at home.

This seminar will teach you all the tools you need to access your unconscious mind.
The methods you will learn are also the same inner secrets Hypnotherapists use
for their clients. We know this as a fact because you are looking at the same
instructors and institution who trains professional Hypnotherapists.

If you wish to change your life, and own the power of your unconscious mind, wait
no further! Help yourself, Register for the Self Hypnosis class today! Enrollment is
limited to ensure high instructor to student ratio. Late Registrant will be placed
on a waiting list.

Did you know? --- That the American Medical Association officially recognize
hypnosis as an effective form of medical treatment in 1958? The Canadian Medical
Association and the British Medical Council officially acknowledge hypnotherapy
in 1956. During the early 70*s, the AMA recommended all medical schools to
include at least 15 semester hours worth of hypnosis training for medical students.

Did you know? -- Surgery patients who regularly practice self hypnosis recovers
much faster than the patients who do not practice self hypnosis? Patients who
practice self hypnosis also report more complete recovery, and much less pain in
the process. The scientific evidence for this claim is very strong, since data were all
collected in a hospital setting.

Did you know? -- A lot of professional athletes, artist, CEO, business executives,
musicians, actresses, sales executives, stock brokers and people who works at a
highly competitive environment seeks hypnosis to gain an competitive edge? A
combination of stress relief techniques, attention focusing and  creativity
improvement greatly enhance their performance as compare people who does not
practice self hypnosis.

Did you know? -- 99% of all hypnosis subjects and self hypnosis practitioner reports
feeling relaxed, focused, calm, while experiencing heighten sense of awareness.
Everybody we interview would love to experience hypnosis again, because they felt
so good while experiencing hypnosis.

Did you know? -- one hour of hypnotic sleep is roughly equivalent to eight hours of

Did you know? -- While under hypnosis, a subject have full control of their mind
and action, conclusive scientific evidence have demonstrated that a person cannot
be made to do anything against their will while under hypnosis.

Did you know? -- Hypnosis is a natural biological process, a person drift in and out
of trance roughly six to eight times in an hour. Just look at the blank expressions
of the people in a subway train.

Did you know? -- *Hypno* is the Greek word for *sleep*. The term was coined by
James Braid in 1845

Did you know? -- You too can utilize the power of self hypnosis!!!! You can change
your life for the better! And You are the ONLY one who can do it! Start by
registering the self hypnosis class today!