1.)      Closer Friendship-lifelong friendship often form when a group
of like minded people work closely together for an intensive training.
Students see each other, practice together, and eat with each other,
day in and out.

2.)      More focus and concentration- Intensive learning allow
minimum distraction, without many interruption usually associated
with traditional education.

3.)      Cuts down travel time, expenses, and downtime- especially for
the students who travels a long way, going back and forth for a few
months can really stress you out.

4.)      Accelerated one week, and you are done. No stress, no sweat,
no worries.

5.)      Easier to make life arrangement around a block of dates, not
fragmented dates all across the calendar.

6.)      More teaching time- instead of spending half a day reviewing
what was taught last week, we can move right into the new material.
Besides, who remember what happened on the first day of class
when it’s 4 months ago?

7.)      Stronger group dynamic - we found that students are actually
more motivated and out going when they are closer to each other.
Students admitted to be shy at the beginning of the class are having
a social time of their life near the end.

8.)      A good change in a the pace of life- we all need a change in our
normal routine, after all, you want to study hypnotherapy because
you need a change in life, isn’t it true? Sometimes we need to
completely distant ourselves from our daily life to fully find

9.)      Closer to instructor; get to know the instructor much better as a
person. Instructor become more approachable when he is completely
focused on teaching. you can immediately ask question before
waiting a week. Most student forgot what they don’t understand in
the traditional training format.

10.)   Everything you need is in the hotel. Comfortable, clean, quiet
facilities.  Steps from the heart of the hosting city. Everything can be
easily taken care of, so you can focus on learning. It is the same
reason why corporate executives, government officers and
professionals do their training in similar facilities.  

11.)   FUN! Believe me, it’s more fun this way. If we can’t make
learning fun, then why are we doing it?   

Remember, the way our instructors teach is the way they like to learn.
The well being of our student is our number one priority, shall you
need special accommodations, feel free to contact us or the hosting
hotel.  The Cara Institute is the only hypnosis school who provide
training in the “7 days intensive” format.