Cara Institute's Education Principles.

1.)  Small Group Dynamic;

Extending the benefit of a high Instructor to student ratio; Cara Institute encourages in depth
class discussion.  Our instructors are excellent listeners. We understand students learn
from each other just as much as they learn from their books. Student’s academic ideas
deserve full respect. Great friendships often form at these intensive training courses.

2.)  Motivational Learning;

Good Instructors are not just a talking library; they motivate the students, listen to student’s
need, help them with great patience, engage their curiosity, and always ensure a high level
of energy in the classroom. We make learning fun.

3.)  Experiential Learning;

(Practice! Practice! Practice!) High percentage of class time is devoted to practice
sessions. Repeated step by step demonstrations, close supervision and personal critiques
are invaluable to the development of professional Hypnotherapist.

4.)  Theoretical Understanding;

Mechanical approach is simply not sufficient. Good students always ask why. Creativity and
innovation comes from a solid theoretical foundation.  A firm understanding on the
theoretical foundation of hypnotism will enable our graduates to handle diverse situations.
Furthermore, our instructors are also accomplished researchers, their passion no doubt
inspire new ideas, and in turn, transfer into new clinical approach in hypnotherapy.

5.)  Leadership in Professional Training;

We train our students to be leaders. Students will learn all aspect of the hypnotism
profession, not just repetitive techniques. They are trained to have the vision, motivation and
ethics to take on leadership roles in the next generation of Hypnotherapists.

6.)  Creativity, Intuitively, Self-Actualization;

Student learn more than just hypnotism, they learn about themselves.  One must learn to
help themselves before they can help others. You will walk away with a highly creative mind,
with intuitive insight you never thought possible before. New life philosophies will enable
your new sense of optimism to take you higher in life.

7.) Simple Language for Big Ideas.

Meaningless jargons are confusing, not only does it convolute simple ideas, it is frustrating
for students, therefore imputes the learning process. Terms students find hard to
understand will be impossible for their clients to understand. True mastery of knowledge
lies on one's ability to communicate complicated ideas simply and clearly, that is exactly
what our instructors does best.
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"