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Free Hypnotherapy Sessions - Female Stage Hypnotists
Hypnosis for healing, rejuvenation and pain relief with Nadeen Manuel
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Self Hypnosis to help dissolve Emotional Pain with Elena Beloff
Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis by Elena Beloff
Self-hypnosis for weight loss by Elena Beloff
Overcome Social Phobia Hypnosis by Elena Beloff
Elena Beloff is a Russian-born American film-maker and author. Her first films Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York screened at the Astoria/Long Island Film
Festival in October 2010.[1] Zaritsas was produced by actor Vincent D'Onofrio.Since then Beloff has formed her own production company EB Productions, LLC.
Beloff's films tend to explore the concepts of stereotypes and misconceptions.

Elena Beloff is currently working on a book and a film on hypnosis. According to a profile in Altvariety, Beloff is also a Certified Hypnotist and has her own private
practice in New York City.[  Beloff founded the practice Inside Hypnosis in New York City.

On Feb 16, 2013, Elena Beloff uploaded a video of a gay man standing up to a homophobic subway "preacher." The "Gay Subway Hero" caught the attention of the
Internet and the media and went viral gaining over 800,000 views in just a few days.

In February 2014, Elena Beloff and veteran science fiction writer John Zakour collaborated on "Quantum Voyeur," an interactive novel about time traveling tourists.
The novella was published by Serealites Press.

Beloff hypnotized 100 people at one time for the film "The Crowd," which was shot in January, 2015 by Darius Khondji. "The Crowd" was shown at French artist
Philippe Parreno's art installation "H{N)Y P N(Y}OSIS" at New York City's Park Avenue Armory. The show opened on June 11, 2015.