Female Stage Hypnotist
Welcome to female Stage Hypnotists. Stage Hypnosis usually conjured the image of a
man in long black coat, pointy mustache, and hairy eyebrow. In fact, stage hypnotism
has long been a male dominated profession.
Professional female stage hypnotists had always been a hidden gem in this sleepy
business. With their talent seldom celebrated, and with their ideas rarely heard. Their
spotlight often welter behind their more promenade male counterpart. We would like
to change that trend.
This site will not only tell you about Female Stage Hypnotists, we will introduce them
to you at a very personal level. You will find actual footage of hypnosis shows
preformed by female stage hypnotists, as well as intimate one on one interviews with
the featured hypnotist.
We will have available resources for you to book a female stage hypnotist in your
next event, as well as introduction to their &private clinical hypnotherapy services.
We will also have update on public hypnosis show dates and locations. Over the
course of our service, you will find many new female hypnotist debut right here on our
This is the first and only website in the world dedicated to professional female
hypnotists. The goal is to provide a friendly venue for female stage hypnotists to
showcase their talents. Please feel free to browse around, and relax, make yourself
comfortable, with your feet flat on the floor, look intensely into her eyes, now take a
deep breath, or two... three... four... that's right...
Featured Female Hypnotist

Elena Beloff, C.H. M.NLP

Elena Beloff is an exceptional hypnotist
based in New York City. She has been
fascinated with hypnosis since she was the
age of 9. After studying NLP in Las Vegas,
she became one of the premiere
hypnotherapist in New York. Her style is
direct, yet permissive. Following the fine
tradition of Ericksonian &style hypnosis.
&Elena’s show volunteers often find
themselves mentally nurtured and energized
after the show.
Training Program
Stage Hypnosis Experience with Amber Greenwich
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$29.99 USD
Amber Greenwich Hypnosis Show

Do you find yourself fascinated with the stage hypnosis experience?
Do you always wanted to volunteer but never got the chance?
Do you wonder what it feels to be hypnotized on stage but don't want your friends to
see you doing silly acts?

Hypnotist Amber Greenwich will give you this once in a lifetime experience in the
privacy of your own home! Enjoy Amber's high potency hypnosis while knowing our
clinically graded code of ethics are carefully observed. This session is mix of silly
stage show humor with carefully designed direct suggestion.  
New! This site was originally developed to promote a video session filmed in 2006. We are very
appreciative to everyone who supported the video project, and this site is time for an update! In the
coming weeks, we will be turning this into a directory for female stage hypnotists around the world.
We will be adding a lot of videos, show schedules and interviews. Plus a lot more interesting
material coming up.
We are happy to be #1 ranking on google in "Female Stage Hypnotists". Come back often to check
out new material!
If you are female hypnotists who would like to be featured, or if you know someone whom we
ought to feature. Drop us a note and we'll get right to work!  
New! Interviews with Stage Hypnotist Nadeen Manual, De'anna Nunez and Kellie Karl.
Check out the "Interview Section"
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