"Close your eyes and you will see everything"
                 Bernard Yam
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"
1.) If by noon on the first day of class, you don't think this course will benefit
you, just return the books, and you will receive full money back.

2.) If you miss any day of class for any reason, you can come back and retake
that class for free. Or schedule a special tutor session.

3.) If you by any chance miss the final exam, or find it difficult to complete the
passing requirement, we will tutor you until you pass, and that you meet all
criteria to be a professional N.G.H. member.

Remember, you can retake any part of the class, or the entire free to charge
any time in the future, perfect for refresher.

Keep in mind you will receive unlimited mentorship after you graduate.

All graduate receive special pricing for private therapy, the special pricing
extends to their family and thier close friends.