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Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming:
Dream of an Asian Girl
with Hypnotist Amy
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Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming
This video will take you into a deep sleep, it is designed to help anyone who
wants a better sleep experience. All you have to do is follow the sweet
sound of Amy's voice, relax, and let your mind drift. Many people
described how pleasant they felt while drifting off into a hypnotic sleep, at
times, they were able to dream of a special spiritual guide. In this session,
Hypnotist Amy will guide you to see a beautiful Asian girl in your dreams,
and while having full control of your dream state, you will be able to
interact with this Asian girl. Some people may find words of wisdom from
their spiritual guide, some may see symbols which have great meaning in
their life, some people may not understand the nature of the dream at the
moment, but waking up with a much positive out look in life.
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