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Tuition Investment

Consider this an investment on your self, your family and on your financial future.
With college and university tuition on the rise, as well as the increasing demand
of accreditation to professional certification programs. Very  few institutions can
provide education packages as practical, as structured and as flexible at a
reasonable investment as the Cara Institute. Keep in mind the Cara Institution
lead the hypnotherapy education industry with the strongest  guarantee policies,
lifetime graduate support,  and the highest quality learning experience.  All come
together in an all inclusive package. **
Compare to other things in life....
A college credit. $2200-$3000, approx $20,000 to $36,000 a year. Books extra,
and you need to be there for years and years.
One week family vacation - about $3000 to $5000 for a middle class family of 4.
Average down payment for a car. $3500-$6000 dollars
A nice sofa or easy chair. $1500-$2000.
A good evening out. $100 to $200 to ??
A weekend management or leadership executive training class. $2500 to $3000

Certified Hypnotherapist Program, Basic and Advanced Level, all inclusive.
(All books, administration fees, membership fees, and everything else included!
Plus Life time use of your knowledge and your Tittle C.H.)
(Price might change without notice.)

All figures in US dollars, Firm.

Payment method number one.
3 Monthly Payment of 675 dollars.

Payment method number two.
One time discounted investment of $
1875. (save a maximum of $405!!)

International students (residents outside of US and Canada) must pay the total
balance of $1850USD in certified check, cash or money order on the first day of
class, or 1875 USD with credit cards on Pay Pal before the class commence.

A deposit of $300 USD is due two weeks before the first day of class. Payable
by pay pal. If you cannot access paypal, please let us know, we will accept
personal checks. We really prefer paypal though.

If you need to cancel your registration, don't worry, we still love you. Your
deposit will be use as credit towards future seminars.

Attention wait list Candidates:  you must submit deposit for your status to be
active, in case you didn't make it into the class, you will have the option to refund
your money, or carry it as credit towards any Cara Institute Products, services or
seminars. We strongly recommend all wait list candidate to show up on the first
day of class, as last minute openings are always possible.

Inquire about our  group registration discount rates.
*Keep in mind, you will be charging about 100/hour per session. Responsible,
hard working therapist can make 3 -4000 dollars on their first few months of
*also keep in mind, at the rate of $1875 for 150 hours of instruction, you are only
paying 12.50 per instruction hour. How much did you pay your plumber or your
auto mechanic or your child's piano teacher?

The Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis believe finances should not be a
deterrent for a motivated student pursuing a proper hypnosis education. As
such, we have a number of financial assistance plans and hardship aid
available. However, they are very limited and will only awarded to the most
qualified candidate.

** We do not cover your banking fee, nor your credit card fees. Your tuition does
not cover your travel expenses. Accommodations, food, and the cost of travel
NOT covered. Fishing and golfing equipments/expenses are also NOT
included :-) However, we can thrown in a big warm hug, at your request, free of
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