What people say about our Instructor.

"Bernie is one of the most creative instructors I've ever met. He
keeps you on the edge of your seat, just waiting for that perfect
opportunity to provide the perfect suggestion!"

Lois Prinz

"Bernard is a teacher that makes learning fun and exciting. He
has the energy to motivate students and is patient and  

Geoff Ronning

"Bernard offers a hypnotic buffet which we fest upon"

Geoff Ronning

“He had an immediate grasp of the theory and brought it in his
own unique way.He has been a tremendous stimulator for all of
us. Thanks very much Bernard, we owe you our thanks!”


"    Bernie is a very passionate, eager instructor with more
information tucked up his sleeve than most people learn in a
lifetime.  His ingenious ways of getting that information across
makes his style of teaching extremely effective and so easy for his
students to comprehend even the most difficult assignments.  
Without hesitation, I would jump at the chance to be one of
Bernie's students."

Cynthia L. Fertal

“Bernie is like a pop-stick, hard on the outside, soft on the inside.”


"A talented and informed fellow instructor who's style makes
learning fun and easy."

Alan L. Alves

“Bernard Yam is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and talented
instructor - He captivates his students with wit and humor,  
making learning even complex material fun, easy to understand,
remember, and utilize.  After studying with Bernard, I am confident  
I have the tools I need to be successful!”

Tere Harris

“I was skeptical when I read the advertisement in the news paper, but I
have always been interested learning hypnosis. After the first day of class,
all my skepticism was replaced  with a new curiosity in hypnotism, and new
ways to look into my unconscious mind.”
Jennifer White, C.H.,
Toronto, ON. Hospital Nurse

“Bernie is exceptional! I have been to hundreds of seminars and
workshops, and I have never seen anything like this! He has a way of
holding all our attention, and keep us wanting to learn more and more about
Albert Lang, Ph.D., C.H.,
Rochester N.Y. Hypnotherapist in private practice

“Bernie made learning fun and easy, he uses a lot of real life examples,
making complicated ideas easy to understand. His hands on approach gave
me the confidence I need to practice hypnotherapy in the real world, many
thanks Bernie.”
C.F. C.H.,
Harrisburg, P.A. Hypnotherapist in private practice.

“I didn’t think I can be hypnotized, but there I was, drifting and floating
away; I didn’t think I can hypnotize anyone, but there she was, drifting and
floating away. Thank you so much Bernie dear! I learnt so much from you!”
Laurie Gilbert,
C.H., Ph.D., Montreal, QC, Graduate Student

“Aside from the hypnotherapy instructions, I have met so many interesting
people in my class, many of whom I still keep in close contact …he has an
excellent sense of humor, he keep us on the edge of our seats, can’t wait to
see what he is going to say or do next.”
Suzy Wallace,
C.H., Santa Barbara, C.A. Full time mother, part time Hypnotherapist.

“What I like most about this course is its intensive nature. The instructor is
of excellent quality. Very understanding, great patience and deeply
knowledgeable. I would recommend this course. “

Dr. Han C. Ryoo, Dexel University, Pa.

“Bernard brings a lot of knowledge to the course and are first rate. He
shared a lot of his own scripts which were not part of the NGH format. I
wasn’t comfortable with hypnotizing people, but as we progress with the
class practice, I’ve gain the necessary confidence. I definitely would
recommend this course to anyone who wish to become a hypnotist.”

Lisa Ropodi, Philadelphia, PA.

“After I left the Army, I have been looking for opportunities which are
challenging to my mind and spirit. This course offer great insight, and it is
challenging intellectually. I walk away from this course with so much more
than I ever expected. Bernard is a world class instructor, his depth of
knowledge in both hypnosis and psychology are truly inspirational. Thank
you Dr. Yam!”

Staff Sergeant (retired) Bruce Green, Former U.S. Army Green Beret
operative., PA.

“The Instructor is good, witty, clever. He is well organized, entertaining and
engages others easily.”
Mary Caroll, M.S., Albuquerque, NM.

“A wonderful class! I’ve learned a lot. The most important I got out of this
class is a lot of confidence.”
Vaira Econnikoff, Albuquerque, NM

“I learn how to honor my intuition at a much deeper level.”
Brenda B, Albuquerque, NM.

“This class was fun as well as informative. The instructor was an excellent
communicator. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. “
Katy Rice, Albuquerque, NM.

“Very good instructor, challenged my mind set at many level. I’ve been
waiting for this, I’m glad the time has come!”
Gerry Grippen. Albuquerque, NM