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This page continues the demonstration on the
Harry Arons' hypnosis depth testing
technique. (Stage 4 to stage 6)
Stage 3. This is the Amnesic stage, where the volunteer will often forget parts or chunk of
information. In the following demonstration, our lovely volunteer forget a number. Interestingly,
our experiments have shown that people are more likely to forget their name then a number. It is
an evidence suggesting our numeric memory is encoded in a procedural memory system, while
our name is encoded in the episodic memory system.
Stage 5: Positive Hallucinations; This is the positive, open eyed, hallucination stage of
hypnosis. No, it doesn't mean the volunteer hallucinating happy things. Rather, the volunteer was
made to see, or sense things that are not really there. Our volunteer this clip was made to see a
clock on the wall, where there is only a black wall before her eyes.
Stage 6: Negative Hallucinations; This is the most advanced stage of hypnosis in the Arons
scale. Volunteers will not be able to see, or sense things, as directed by the hypnotist. In this
case, our fabulous volunteer was told not to see her pen when she return to her desk, even
though it was right in front of her. She even accuses her peers for taking her pen.
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