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Scarlett Flamming Hypnosis Show - Animal Farm

Do you find yourself fascinated with the stage hypnosis experience? Do you always wanted to
volunteer but never got the chance? Do you wonder what it feels to be hypnotized on stage
but don't want your friends to see you doing silly acts?

Hypnotist S
carlett will give you this once in a lifetime experience in the privacy of your own
home! Enjoy Amber's high potency hypnosis while knowing our clinically graded code of
ethics are carefully observed. This session is mix of silly stage show humor with carefully
designed direct suggestion.

This is a special
themed hypnosis show, have you ever been a hypnosis show and saw a
volunteered turned in an animal? On on hand you find the act funny, but deep down you wish
to experience what it is like, yet you don't want your friends see you barking like a dog or
clucking like a chicken. Why not enjoy this experience in the privacy of your own home?
Hypnotist S
carlett will make you do all kind of freaky things on stage, at the comfort of your
own home. Lots of body control suggestions and triggers. What would Hypnotist
make you do? Turn you into
her cute puppy? Maybe her adorable  kitty cat so she can
snuggle with you all day
? Maybe turn you in a chicken and lay eggs for her? We don't want to
ruin the surprise by telling you too much, buy this hour long video and enjoy stage hypnosis in
the privacy of your own room.

Hypnotist S
carlett starts the show the same way a stage hypnotist would do, making a few
jokes, and finding a few volunteers. As she points her finger at you, you feel compelled to go
on stage. She proceed to hypnotize you with an eye fixation induction, utilizing her golden
pocket watch. She guides you through deep relaxation with the calming sound of her voice, as
she deepens her hypnosis over your subconscious mind. From there on, she takes you
through a good number of silly stage suggestions. At the end, Hypnotist S
carlett will give you
a few motivational suggestions, helping you stay calm, relaxed and focused as you go back to
work the next day. So get ready for fun feel night of magic hypnosis! Please make sure you
have some free space around you before start the session, as she will have you out of your
chair the minute you go under S
carlett's hypnosis!

Approximately 1 hour and
2 minutes.
Format: 720 HD MP4

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