"Close your eyes and you will see everything"
Bernard Yam
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"
Do you find yourself having excessive fear and anxiety? Do you find yourself feeling nervous,
unease and fearful where you know you shouldn't? Do you find these negative emotions
intruding your life?
Now imagine having to do without all these emotional baggage!! Imagine how much more
you can accomplish in life where you can stay calm and relaxed in every situation. Think of
how much more productive you can be.
Although we do not make any medical claims of our video, we work with people who are in
the hospital setting all the time. When pending treatment or diagnosis, a lot of the patients
found themselves overwhelmed with fear and worries, to a point where they find it hard to
live a normal life. That is when they found themselves refereed to our hypnotherapy service.
After listening to this video file for seven consecutive days, one will naturally find themselves
feeling more relaxed and calm. Beth will use her training to help you release a lot of your
emotional baggage, and go through a "mental detox". After all the negative thoughts have
been cleansed from your mind, she will proceed to instill confidence in your subconscious
Soon, you will find yourself sleeping deeper and sounder at night, in a better mood in the
morning, and more able to deal with life in a much clearer frame of mind.

Video Hypnotherapy session, Hypnosis for Anxiety and Fear Relief (approx. 35 minutes)
Time Limited offer $28.76 USD
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