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Bernard Yam
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We have received a lot of request for people who want to feel confident while
expressing their feminine self. We understand society are quick to judge people who
stand out with their clothing, this new video helps you feel confident while doing
away with any shame and guilt, it will help you feeling like better person while
enjoying their favorite cloths.

In this 3 for 1 download package

you will get
Feminization Hypnotherapy - Love to wear High Heels

This hypnosis video will make you enjoy wearing high heels and feminine footwear,
it will put you inside the mind of a gorgeous feminine lady who walk around in
confidence while wearing high heels.

Feminization Hypnotherapy - Love to wear Lipstick

This hypnosis video will make you enjoy wearing lipstick and lipgloss, it will put you
inside the mind of a gorgeous feminine lady who walk around in confidence, beeming
with joy in your perfect lady like smile.

Feminization Hypnotherapy - Love to wear Mini Skirts

This hypnosis video will make you enjoy wear mini skirts, it will put you inside the
mind of a gorgeous feminine lady who walk around in confidence while wearing mini
skirts and walk around in perfect feminine lady style.

In simple words, if you wish to be more feminine, click on the Paypal button and feel
that confidence you deserve.

Bonus. For a limited time, we will include the MP3 audio version of these
feminization videos. Due to bandwidth concern, these mp3's will only be available
for a limited time.
$99.99 USD
Time Limited offer
$39.85 USD
We will be updating this site frequently, please check back often.

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"This is crazy! At a certain point in the video, I felt self conscious and put my knees together! I
still feel uneasy about not sitting this way. (I'm wearing mens' clothing.)"
Olive G.

"I love to wear high heels why don't I want to remove my high heels' Andrew R.

"Love my heels I have 20 pairs now and getting more I love love live them especially the pink ones
thanks so mush for making this please make more" Roger B.

"I felt so relaxed and rested I felt like I had been asleep for couple hours when I woke up i actually
want to wear hi heels I layed down for a few mine felt the urge to wear hi heels or girls shoes I
got up and got put on my wife's girlly shoes it really works. this is good , will you please do one
for hypnotised to wear pantyhose or tights also" Theo B.

"Thanks to You I have started wearing lipstick whenever I can. Thank You, this video is very
intense. Please I beg You make more, this is one of the 3 best ones ive watched in 2 years" Steven

"Wow it really works,  I never liked mini skirts before. Now I'm wearing them all the time,  thank
you  !! " Rebecca R

"i feel so relaxed and love to feel lipstick on my lips now thank you so much."
Guilda L.

"Wow Oxanna! that was wonderful and here i am sitting wearing my lipstick proudly, making me
feel so wonderful. i also tripped up on Your sleep video not realising how long it was was and
consequently had a wonderful hour and a half completely mesmerised and deep under Your spell.
Thank You so much." Tom. R.

"this was very relaxing and mind opening for me, a wonderful experience!" Susan K.

"im a man who used your lipstick hypnosis and know I cant control my need to wear lipstick" Bob

"Listened to this afternoon.  I thought that I had fallen asleep, and woke up about 20 minutes
feeling so relaxed.  Had to go out this afternoon to do shopping.  On the way home I went into a
chemists, and for no reason I could think of brought 2 lipstick's, one pink and one red, a small
make-up mirror, and a small cosmetic bag.  Had no idea why, and when I started to walk through
the park to get home, I had this overwhelming desire to put on the pink lipstick, and once I had,
felt so relaxed."
Charlie R.

"The more relaxed I am the more suggestible I become.  I've always liked lipstick but never knew
just how much." Joe A.

"Omd's I actually can't stop wearing lipstick now it feels so great my favorite colour in candyfloss
" Chelsea M.

"I trust you.  I am a girly, girly, girly girl. Miniskirts, heels and lipstick.  More please! More!" Amy

"This helped.  Thank you goddess." Beverly B

"Thank you very much!" Dan

"Just let yourself enjoy being girly;)" Jarrod

"I would love to be hypnotized to become a woman, I'm not kidding or joking around, I really
want to become a woman and have for a very long time." JHD

"I am very much feeling . more and  more of a girly girl every time . I watch this instructional
recording   . must buy a mini skirt . the presenter was well chosen . mesmerizing  . such deep blue
eyes . did not catch her name though ." John. P.

"Omg wowww this was amazing your voice was so soft and entrancing it seriously makes me
want to do as i'm told by you, you made me feel like the complete girly girl thank you i would so
love to know more about you" Victoria.

"OMG i love my new skirt and heels" Jordon R

"Thank you - super super relaxed girly grl you're my favourite" Karl

"After watching this, every time I wore a miniskirt, I felt exactly lke a girl. I also now feel
compelled to wear the minskirt." RP

"im a girlie girl and love myself now,i trust you with my life,this was the most amazing 22 minutes
ever,my therapist is mean and says I need to act like a man,she made me cry several times,im
done,i will only listen to you and I wont hide anymore" Zoey

"Good. Now I wear miniskirts all the time. And people complain about my hairy legs. Could
fishnets solve my problem? What do you think?" T.M.

"Amazing video. I felt totally relaxed. Will definitely listen to again and again."Kelly