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Feminization Hypnosis Video - Match Maker Hypnotized you to be a girl
(dating site executive turns you into a girl and send you off to your date)

Introducing Feminization Role Play Hypnosis video session. These highly entertaining videos
employ the idea of self improvement  through role playing, as well as the concept of
metaphorical healing in Ericksonian hypnosis. It is designed to make the viewer feel like they
are in a personal or professional relationship with the on screen hypnotist. When a life's lesson
is expressed through the lenses of these role playing relationship, it allows the viewer to
experience their subconscious in a multiple facets and perspective.

These story based hypnotherapy session offers a gentle approach to getting hypnotized, with
the right amount of authoritarian and stage hypnotist showmanship, the proverbial hypnotist
language of "you must obey me", "do whatever I tell you to do" and an controlling twist, ending
with suggestion that encourage you be a better person. Along with suggestions that helps you
feel more focus at work, more confident, go work out, feel more relax... etc

This Feminization video is especially created for the LGBTQ community, our original  
feminization series with Hypnotist Oxanna was a huge success. This series take us to the next
level, where we encourage the viewer to embrace their feminine size, full enjoy their feminine
attire such as lipstick, skirts, high heels etc, and mentally conditioned to became more feminine.
This way they will enjoy their life filled with joy and confidence .

In this roleplay hypnotherapy session. Emily is an executive match maker, it's like a dating site,
but more exclusive and private. You stumbles on the site, and after answering surveys upon
surveys, you were finally accepted as a client. You noticed a hefty membership fees, which you
can ill afford, just  then the owner of the company reached out and ask you for an interview.
She want to do some additional test to see if you are qualify for their special VIP program with
sponsored membership.
When you finally walked in, you noticed a well dressed business lady greeting you, after seating
you down, she proceed to study your charts like you are a test subject at a psychology clinic.
She begins to point out certain behavioral traits in your profile, such as having strong reaction to
words like make up, lipstick, dresses, feminization. As if piecing through you with her eyes, she
is getting closer and closer to your secret inner self, that is a that deep down, you wish to be a
Emily decides to do a deep dive in your subconscious mind. she proceeds to hypnotize you
with her pocket watch. After expertly taking control of your mind, she began to ask some very
personal questions, most requires a "yes or no" answer. She asked you to nod your head if you
enjoy wearing lipstick, if you enjoy stocking, if you see yourself as female, if you want be
feminized to be a pretty girl, etc... Unable to control yourself, you nodded to every question,
after all, you are under hypnosis and you cannot lie.
Emily proceed to reprogram your mind to become a woman, she makes you repeat
feminization mantra under hypnosis, you were compelled to obey her.  She then proceed to
rewire your brain to be a girl like she would rewire a robot. She uses many post hypnotic
suggestions to keep you acting like a woman, and to put you back under her spell when she
needs you. She also use hypnosis to help you relax, giving you positive suggestions on
confidence, well being, more socialable, and more focus at work and school. Sending you to
sleep in the most comforting way, become a better person, she also left you a few post
suggestion for her personal entertainment. The story comes with a slightly twisted ending to
maximize the realism of a hypnotic relationship. This video have realism in mind, filled with real
hypnosis techniques, many of our repeat costumers finds themselves watching these videos
over and over, each time more fully emerge themselves in this comfortable cocoon where they
can forget the world.
(spoiler alert, Do NOT read if you are planning to buy the video)
This match making service is unlike any other dating services. Most of Emily's clients are
actually rich women, looking for boy toys they can control. Emily noticed your submissive and
feminine traits when you filled in your survey, and wanting to fill the demand of women
requesting "girly men". Emily will implant the post hypnotic suggestion that you must come back
to her brainwashing center where you will receive hypnosis on a daily basis, to a point that the
only life you have to is work and getting hypnotized by the ladies at the match making center.
Your conditioning will be reinforced everynight, before sending you out on a date. The women
who take you out on these dates will sponsor your membership. Emily kept her promise after
all, come in for a personality test and get your membership for free!

Approximately 24 minutes
720HD MP4 571MB

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